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Connecting Consumers to Local Businesses
LocalHomeTown.com is a local business directory which specializes in connecting consumers to local businesses. LocalHomeTown.com allows users to search for businesses and services by location by business name or business category. Results are displayed with addresses, maps and in many cases, user reviews. So as part of the search, LocalHomeTown.com provides users with reviews and comments about the listed businesses in order to make a more informed decision on which business to choose. In addition, LocalHomeTown.com assists users in their search by offering intuitive direction such as related searches or categories, and/or by suggesting nearby locations.

Free Business Listings
LocalHomeTown.com allows businesses to post a free business listing on the site in addition to the directory listings already found. Businesses that post a free business listing receive a personalized web address that allows the business to post it's name, contact information, description and a personalized image. These free business listings expose business owners to the over 1 million monthly visitors who currently visit LocalHomeTown.com.

All that is required to post a free business listing is a valid email address. You can post a free business listing by clicking on the “Add Your Business” link found at the bottom of this page.

Connecting Businesses to Each Other
In addition to connecting consumers to businesses, LocalHomeTown.com also allows businesses to connect to each other. When a user registers her business and set ups her personal business listing profile page, the user is allowed to link to other businesses registered on LocalHomeTown.com. As an example, an accountant may register her business on LocalHomeTown.com. From her business' profile page, the user may then link to other businesses she works with, patronizes or simply recommends. And other business owners are able to link to her business profile page.

By linking to each other, businesses can create a community of local businesses that are respected and recommended by their peers. This enables consumers to find other goods and services recommended by businesses they like.

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